Hot air balloon Advertising & Marketing

How many members of the public take the time to stop and photograph an advert during their day? Probably not one...

Hot air balloons generate excitement whenever they fly overhead. The public love watching, photographing and sharing images of them. An aerial marketing campaign is the exciting addition you need for advertising your company.


Hot Air Balloons at Bristol international balloon fiesta with a large crowd

Hot air balloons are a unique way to advertise your brand.

Inspire your customers to take action when they see your message flying overhead. From raising brand awareness to getting more social media content, a hot air balloon is an easy and cost effective marketing tool to generate interest in your campaign.

Our professional, highly experienced pilots and team members specialise in generating unforgettable experiences, maximising brand exposure and creating a marketing strategy to remember.

Hot air balloons create publicity at any event.

The balloon itself can create its own publicity simply by flying over a town or city and can easily attract public attention at any outdoor event, sports venue, festival gathering, trade show, the list goes on…

Hot Skies Ltd. have proudly flown balloons at some of the biggest and most exciting outdoor events worldwide. We have been part of major events like the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, the London Marathon and traveled as far afield as the Hong Kong Motor Show, the MTV European Awards and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. We are ready to represent your brand at the next big event.


Hot air balloon fiesta 1994, large crowd watching hot air balloon fights

Offer a VIP experience to your guests with a flight in your balloon.

Provide your VIPs, customers and your staff with an experience of a lifetime that's on everyone's bucket-list - a champagne balloon flight in the clouds! We offer custom experience packages and can provide full hospitality management alongside bespoke ballooning promotional materials.

Easily generate attention for your company.

All hot air balloons, especially unique special-shaped balloons, can create a real impact with the media as well as the public. 

We specialise in flying special-shaped balloons. These giant, flying product replicas are tributes to the brands they represent. Your imagination is the only limit when designing your hot air balloon. 

Hot Skies Ltd. can provide a complete marketing package.

From concept design and itinerary planning to managing and operating a hot air balloon advertising campaign, we can do it all. The list of companies utilising this powerful lighter-than-air PR tool is growing around the world; contact us here to join them.

Click here to watch a video from one of the worlds leading balloon manufacturers.